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inspirations: vivian maier

How does one adequately encompass the story of Vivan Maier's photography and discovery thereof? A prodigious street photographer, Maier took something close to 100,000 images over the course of her life, documenting the streets of Chicago. In many ways Maier was the consummate street photographer, fearless, direct and broad in her subject matter. She documented life on the fringes of society, yet turned her attention equally to rich and glamorous as well, capturing humanity in all its aspects.

Her observational eye was keen, capturing expression and moment with an acuity many professionals struggle to attain even now. Her straightforwardness, her ability to maintain eye contact with her subjects lend an honesty and directness to her images that is both expressive and startling.

For me Maier captures all the key virtues of a street photographer, her approach and obsessive documenting of the world around her allowing no room for anything but the image.

Her images can be found here.