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videography - april 2017

One of the aspects of image making that has always fascinated me, and more so in the last few years, has been that of film making. This year, in amongst the other challenges I have set myself, has been that of making a film about Bristol, treating the city as a character and the film as a portrait.

Like all things of such nature, and with my barely fledgling skills, the challenge is a large one, beyond the bounds of my capabilities. But in such situations we learn.

The other day I bimbled out at 5.15am to catch sunrise over Bristol docks. It was cloudier than expected (or the sky above my flat had led me to believe) but I was still able to get some nice footage. I took a bunch of other video throughout the morning, experimenting with exposure, camera settings and composition, just trying to get a feel for it.

Today I spent some time playing with iMovie and audio, trying to build a narrative-free video of the morning (and sunset), just to see if I could put something together that communicates what I want. I am not entirely sure I have managed that, and I know I will look back on this with some horror in future months, but as of now I am content with it. Much learnt, and that is the important thing...